Robot Tray Parameters

When executing an Automation Process locally via Robot Tray instead of Orchestrator, if the Process has Parameters defined, it appears that there is no way to enter or set Parameter Values if not running Job via Orchestrator…? If there is a way to do this, would like to know, otherwise I think this would be a great enhancement.

Hi @rstaylor62,
You can do it with use of Excel as a database for input parameters. Please check our Academy for Level 1 to 3 training where this is presented.

Well, hate to say it, but seems to be kind of a hack. If the Job/Process is configured within Orchestrator with Parameters and one can set the Parameter Values when either configuring a Schedule or Starting a Job, then do not see why the Robot / Process cannot prompt for the Parameter Values when it is run locally via Robot Tray - again, seems like a good enhancement. The Process should already be self-aware of the Parameter(s).

Sorry for my fast decision. Your last sentence make me thinking that it can actually be usefull. Let’s give it a try :slight_smile: I’ve provided the idea to our feature tracker :wink: