Robot to teach the importance of cybersecurity measures?

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I work in IT for a local high school. The teachers are mostly older people that, despite my many warnings and training sessions, refuse to take cybersecurity seriously. I have received specific instructions from the Department of Education to get them up to standard, but they refuse to listen.

Does anyone have any ideas for an automated activity I could use as a demonstration that won’t actually cause any harm but will sufficiently demonstrate the potential dangers of not following standard guidelines? I’m hoping that a practical example, demonstrated from my own computer, can illustrate what I’ve been trying to teach them.

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You can use robots to automate and standardize but to teach others about security i guess you need to showcase them some slides or data…if you want to maintain security…you can move few tasks which are repetitive and automate them …so that they are done in standard secured way instead of exposing to all

Here are few resources which might help in explaining

What is Cybersecurity & Importance of Cyber Security | Simplilearn.


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Have a view on these videos for your demonstration reference

Blog from UiPath

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