Robot times out at 15 mins when set to 'Login to Console' as No

Hi All,
One of our long running robots times out when the robot setting is ‘Login to Console’ as No. This is a back office robots which runs just fine when ‘Login ti Console’ is set to Yes OR when its kicked off manually from the server via UiPath Assistant. Setting the ‘Login to Console’ is not an option for us since we need multiple robots running on the same server. Server time out is 3 hours. Why would the robot/RDP session not use the server time out? Why is it failing at 15 mins?


Hello @shoba.mallik ,

I presume from your post that you have High Density setup? If yes, doesn’t this issue qualify for support from UiPath?


Please tell us more about your setup

  • OS and version
  • Part of a domain?
  • Has RDS been configured and licensed to support “High-density Robots”
  • Do you push any Domain or Local GPOs?

If your an enterprise customer and this is impacting you, I would open a support ticket with UiPath for faster resolution.

My initial thoughts would be to check any related inactivity policies both local on the machine and domain policies being pushed.

Hi Tim

Windows 2019 server
Yes to both
There are domain GPOs. Windows server runs a RDS server and technically serves unlimited sessions with 3 hr timeouts

We are an enterprise customer and I have opened two tickets at this time. I have not heard back in the last two days. I should probably escalate it :smiley: but wanted to see if the community and forums had any help.


Yes, it does and I have opened tickets. I am yet to receive a reply back. Just checking to see if the community forum had any help.

Can you elaborate on which policies both domain and local you know are being enforced?

Have you looked at timing of when the session terminate with other known cycles say for gpupdate? Perhaps while syncing something locally might be denying the session.

If you open multiple sessions at slightly different timing, do the sessions prematurely end simultaneously? Or are some at the 15 minute mark and other would stay alive until the 3hr mark?

Reviewing Event Viewer Logs for TerminalServices should also reveal the reason for why a disconnect was imitated.

^^ I’m just spit balling at the moment, not at a place where I can review a Server configuration and what policies we have in place.

Re: waiting on support… if you marked the priority appropriately I would suggest reaching out to your CSM / Sales contact to escalate the matter if it is impacting your production environment or blocking your pipeline in some way. I’ve recently dealt with a support case that was impacting us but not urgent so I wasn’t too worried about it but it went on for months, several weeks at a time without any responses until I started pestering through alternate channels

Hi Tim
Tech support has responded to me. They gave me a KB article to work through. They started with the event logs too :slight_smile: . So, you are not too far off. No full resolution yet. However, simulate clicks and screenshots have not helped with keeping the session alive so far. We do have couple more items to try out. I will keep this thread updated.


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Hello, I am facing the same issue. Could you please share your solution? Thank you.

Hi Alex, my server admins were fine with having the server as ‘no timeouts’. That was the only fix. None of the other fixes worked. Hope this helps.

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