Robot that tracks, creates and matches files

Hi folks,

I have a requirement as follows:

  1. Monitor folder where multiple files are placed each day. Only new files compared to last run need to be processed.
  2. Create a new input file based on file from step 1 and put in on file server
  3. Wait a couple hours to 1 day until a response file comes back that matches with the file in step 1
  4. Perform a comparison between file from step 1 and file retrieve through step 3. Highlight the differences and perform some more actions.

The difficulty here is that I need to keep track of when the different files where retrieve and I also need to match the 3 files from step 1, 2 and 3.
There are multiple ways to go about this tracking and matching. I believe keeping an excel is an option, but what would the UiPath go to practice look like? Would I need to use queues with custom fields to track and match the different files and steps?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to best approach this.

You can refer this link

But it has limitation in case many files copied to folder same time.
So i think using excel to manage files is still the best option.

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