Robot Task Scheduler problems

I try to use Windows Task Scheduler by created batch script as…

“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiPath.Agent.exe”
/file:“C:\Users\sansoenk\Documents\UiPath\AutomateNEFile\AutomateNEFile\SiteQuery.xaml” /executor /monitored

When I try to run .bat file, The Robot Tray is pop-up but it doesn’t execute the project.
Could someone help me to solve this problem.

Hello @sansoenk,

Can you verify the Event viewer for any errors?
Also the SIteQuery.xaml is the main file from your workflow?


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There’re no error in Event viewer and I changed workflow to main workflow but I got a same result.

Hi @sansoenk,

It is the command itself which needs to be edited in the bat file. You need to tell UiRobot.exe to execute a file.

You can take a look at the last reply in this thread (check the Step 1 making the bat file):

Hope this helps!

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I followed your step but It’s still show only Robot tray.

Instead of UiPath.Agent.exe use the UiRobot.exe (this is the executor). You will have to look where this file is in your system. In the community edition it is usually in
Users -> %UserName% --> AppData --> Local --> UiPath --> Version of Studio --> UiRobot.exe


@jeevith Now It’s work, Thanks a lot sir!

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