Robot stuck without any output

Hi all,

I facing the challenge where robot doesn’t give any output and just stuck at reading OCR. robot supposed to give any output from that OCR either there is or not or anything but robot doesn’t give any respond and stuck there without return any error or reading. even it run more than an hour, it still there. I already put log but it doesn’t go there. it just stuck on reading OCR. Please someone can help me fixing this?

Do you have a copy of your workflow and example file you are trying to get data from?

hey mate,

try adjusting your scale.


or use a different OCR engine like the microsoft one.

Also try using the screen scraping activity and see if you can see in real time what its scraping:

It only happened sometimes. 10% chances the robot stuck. that why i feel something not right because it does not even follow the loop.

  1. put the “Read OCR with PDF” as a separate XAML and use “Launch Workflow Interactive”.
  2. for google ocr activity declare the output variables .
    This worked for me.