Robot stops without any reason in endless loop

Hello folks,

I’m very interested in RPA and so I’m trying to automate a business process. I downloaded the community edition of UiPath and started exploring the possibilities. After a few days I was able to create a simple workflow which automates the business process.

The workflow extracts information from Excel files which are stored on a share. Because the files are stored irregularly on the share, the workflow has to run all day. So I created a endless loop. The worklfow starts and check, if there are files on the share. If yes the workflow extracts the information and delays for 10 seconds. When not the workflow delays for 10 seconds and checks the share again. After the delay the workflow checks the share again and so on.

I started the robot from the monitoring tray. The workflow is running on a virtual machine. The machine isn’t locked all the time and the workflow is running fine. But after some hours the workflow terminates and the user on the machine is locked. But there is no system event doing this. It must be the robot.

The time when this occurs is irregular and the workflow executes 14.000 times and more a day. But unfortunately it stops and I don’t know why. The execution log doesn’t give a hint. There is no error, warning or exception. I’m using a front office robot and no orchestrator.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!