Robot Status Connected Unlicensed

Robot Status shows Connected, Unlicensed

Approach 1:
Incorrect user defined in the Orchestrator. You will have to define the same user while provisioning the Robot section in Orchestrator with which you have logged in to the Robot/Studio machine. 

Steps 1:
To validate open the command prompt in the Robot/Studio and check the user using the command "whoami"

Step 2 :
Open the Orchestrator and check the Robot Page to validate the user defined. It should match the username received in Step 1 command.

Approach 2: 

User currently logged in does not have a Robot created on Orchestrator. 

Make sure that the current user logged into the robot machine is the same as the user under which the robot is provisioned in Orchestrator. If these do not match, you will see the robot as unlicensed. To resolve, either

  • Log in with the same user that you see under the "Domain\Username" field in the Robot settings on Orchestrator 
  • Provision a new robot in Orchestrator with for the current user. 
Approach 3:

Insufficient number of licenses. 

If using concurrent licenses, make sure that other users/robots are not consuming all available licenses. Concurrent licenses are consumed when:
  • The Robot is connected to Orchestrator
  • The UiPath Robot Tray or Agent Desktop is running (and not only while it is executing a process)
  • Studio is running
Please take a look at About Licensing for more information.