Robot slows down after several iterations in SAP GUI

Hi all,

I use transaction VA01 in SAP.
I use REFramework for a Record in SAP.
The record has header an table data.

At the bottom is a grid table where the Robot has to enter three values in separate columns.
At the beginning of the process the robot types with maximum speed.
Typing takes about 0.5 to 1 second.
After a few transactions typing into the table gets slower and slower.
Each time the robot takes about 2 to 3 seconds to type into the cell.

Closing SAP GUI after 3 or 4 Iterations completely prevents this from happening.
However opening SAP GUi and getting back to the VA01 mask takes about 40 seconds.
Means opening and closing is not an option if you have 150 Transactions.

Looking at the memory - there is nothing build up.
Also this process was previously performed with Automation Anywhere with no issues regarding to slowing down.

One workarround besides closing the SAP GUI was to build up a struckture in the clipboard like this: value 1 + vbtab +vbtab + value 2+ vbtab +value 3 + vbtab to have only one action to type into the table row. This is a workaround but not my favorite.

Any ideas how to speed things up.


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did you find any solution? I’m facing the same issue. I use Set text activity inside Parallel activity and I don’t use the Sap Table Cell Scope activity which is slower. What I noticed is that the physical memory is growing up slightly (very slightly) but there is still enough of it. The problem is that after 1 day of operation of the bot, each data entry sequence slows down.

It looks like this:

fresh running after starting the bot:
writing the first line in SAP takes approx. 1 sec.
writing the 50th line approx. 10 sec.

still running bot after one day of operation:
writing the first line in SAP takes approx. 3 sec.
writing the 50th line 30 sec.

The times are increased while the bot is running.

The moment I turn the bot off and on, the data entry time decreased again. By simply turning the bot off and on. At the same time, the physical memory also slightly decreased to the original value.

I’m trying to find a solution, but I really have no idea what’s going on here. I can imagine that any growing cache would slow it down -maybe, but I don’t believe it can have that much of an impact. In the case of thousands of data records, this becomes a serious problem.

Thanks also to anyone else who has/had problems with this and has any suggestions.

In our case we opened a ticket with the UiPath support.
As it seems our Virus scanner slowed down the activities significantly.
Try to figure that out.

It looked like something was building up in memory but this was not the case.