Robot Slow to Start

How to resolve when the Robot is slow to start?

Issue Description:  The Robot is slow to start. Once it starts executing activities it goes fine but when it is first triggered it takes forever to get going.

Diagnosing the issue

If the Robot is slow to start, check the event viewer after trying to execute a job

1.       Open “run” and type “eventvwr”



2.       In the Event Viewer Application, go to the “Windows Logs”

3.       Select “Application”

4.       In the Action’s menu select “Filter Current Log…”



5.       In the filter menu select UiPath and click OK.



6.       After filtering, select “Save Filtered Log File As…” from the action’s menu



7.       Check to see if the file contains an error like:

a.       NU1102: Unable to find package XXXXX with version (= XXXXX)

8.       If the above message is in the event viewer logs, it points to “Missing Dependencies” section

9.       If none of the above steps helped find the issue, reach out to UiPath Product Support team do a fiddler trace.

Missing Dependencies

1.       It should not take the Robot a long time to figure out it cannot find a package. Getting the package in a repo and getting it installed on the machine can serve as a workaround because the Robot will not need to connect to the extra repos.

2.       If the Robot cannot find a dependency then either, an error will be thrown during the automation because a package is missing, or no error will be thrown which means the dependency is not needed.

3.       If the dependency is not needed, work with the developer to get it removed from the project. After it is removed, the project will need to be republished.

a.       For info about removing a dependency see:here

4.       If the dependency is needed, make sure the feed where it is stored is accessible and that it is added to the nuget.config file mentioned here

a.       To add a new package source for the robot, just add a new key with the nuget repo name and the URI.

5.       After making sure all the correct feeds are configured, try removing any unneeded feeds. For example, if the Robot cannot connect to the internet, the “Go!” and “Official” feeds can be removed from the nuget.config file mentioned above.

6.       Once everything is configured, try starting the Robot. It may be slow on the first execution as it may still need to install dependencies.

7.       After the first execution, it should no longer be slow.

8.       UiPath still recommends working with your IT admins or opening a ticket to determine why the Robot was slow to determine a package was missing. If the computer is a Citrix VM see the section Citrix Issues .



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