Robot slow - Need suggestions to improve email (exchange) sorting efficiency (folder has 200-1000 emails)


I need some advice about processing a backlog of emails for processing.

We have a folder with 1000 emails in it. We are using get Exchange Mail activities to process each email. We need to process the oldest email first. Our robot is very slow 5-10minutes to find oldest email instead of 10-30 seconds.

How would you improve this robot so it can still be efficient whether 10 emails need processing or 1000?

Note: We have some ideas we are investigating with a subfolder but seeking some suggestions from the great community :blush:

Any suggestions is appreciated :slight_smile:


If we have lot of emails on our folder we can go for urn filter to filter the old emails by using recieve date in the filter property of get out look mail message activity to filter the old emails before going for each loop. It would save lot of time I guess. Please try the URN filter like below in the filter property of get Outlook mail messages activity. Thanks.


“@SQL=urn:schemas:httpmail:datereceived < ‘05/10/2021 00:00:00’

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Hey @kirankumar.mahanthi1

Thank you for the suggestion - we were going down the query route.

But it was a rookie error. In the Get Exchange Mail Message - we missed the Option ‘Top’ emails field. It was blank so it was getting all / too many emails…


Oh ok good to hear that your resolved with that option to reduce email count. If you are going with lot of emails in that you want the older emails you can go with urn filter. Nice chatting with you. Thanks.

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