Robot showing 3 word doc output instead 1 after replacing text

Hi currently struggling with a school project so i’ve decided to come on UiPath forum to seek help from the professionals pls help me!!

So what my robot has to do is extract data from excel and create a new word document and replacing the texts inside it. However, the issue that i am struggling with is that after the robot runs finish it shows me 3 output word doc files instead of 1.
First word doc: Word doc would have all the words it is supposed to be replaced removed
Second word doc: Same as the first
Third word doc: The word doc output that i want with everything replaced

My question is: How do i troubleshoot the robot such that only the third word doc is shown? Pls help me out!!!

Hi @Cheryl_Chew ,

Could you let us know if there are Copy File activity used ? And at what points of the Workflow ?

If possible you could also provide screenshots or the workflow itself here, so that a thorough first analysis could be done.

Yes i did use copy file, i used assign then copy file