Robot session

with StudioX version 2024.10.1 I go a new version of Robot session (previously PiP) installed on my computer.
The new version has a couple of disadvantages which I cannot understand. Is there a possiblity to configure the behavior of this tool?


  1. Window is always on top in Windows. No chance to disable this bad behavior (in previous PiP version it was possible to enable/disable this).
  2. After click on “Join” in Robot session window gets maximized. In combination with the top most feature the computer cannot be used anymore (for instance checking other applications while bot is running).

Hi @michael.haertling,

Thank you for your feedback. We changed the behavior with this release as we believe that the Robot session should be used more for watching what the automation does and less for interacting with it.

  1. It is correct that we made the behavior always on top because if you need to know what it does, then you must have it on top. To not have the Robot session on top, you can simply minimize it.
  2. We believe that when joining the Robot session, a user should be focused only on what is going on in this session, rather than having to look elsewhere. This is in accordance to the fact that we believe that the user should not interfere into the Robot session as long as there is no error.

Can you please explain why the user needs to interact with the Robot session in your use case?


Hi Andrei,

even during development I’m using PIP to separate application windows of the bot from application windows I’m using. So it might be that I have to compare applications running by the bot and myself – usually I’m arranging windows so that I’m able to review all relevant data from different applications – this is not possible anymore.

I cannot understand why developers of a software think to decide how users must work – it is unrealistic. So finally the new version is a step in the wrong direction. Previous version had exactly the same possibilities but gave the user the decision about the behavior.

Best regards