Robot saves PDFs with 0 bytes

Hey all,

I built a robot that goes through all listings on the website below. For each listing, I click on the printer sign (encircled in blue) and then I want to save the file in a folder.

Unfortunately, sometimes the robot saves the files with 0 bytes and I get an error if I try to open them. The files are okey, if I save them manually they are fine.

Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!!

Ok, that’s a weird one.
Are you using the Wait for Download Activity to make sure the file was completely downloaded before carrying on with the execution?

Another thing, do you see anything different with those specific files, perhaps some unusual characters in their names, that might be causing problems?

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Thanks for your answer Lucas!

I tried some different things and found out that the problem is due to the directory. The directory was from a cloud and it seems that the cloud is too slow for my process.

If I save the files under User\Documents for example, I have no problems. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Fabian

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