Robot runs too slow

I build a robot for IC mismatch report starting with consolidation and then the robot opens the xls file and run extract and report with two macros.

However when running the robot in real time I am facing a strange situation that robot sometimes runs very slow and sometimes runs normally as you would run it manually and expected.

The whole process takes 50 min if it runs fine:

  • consolidation 14 min
  • run extract 6 min
  • run report 30 min

The issues is with run report sometimes it takes too long to extract the numbers that I have to stop the robot, however the robot does not show any errors.
Do you encounter something similar or do you know what might be the issue?
The robot is running on my laptop I have not added the robot to Orchestrator yet
Thank you for your advice.

issue is with the macro?

try running the macro individually to see the time it takes to complete the task and check the file for which it takes longer time

I can assume the macro might be looping through the files till the end unnecessarily, so that might be a pain point, you can share the macro too if possible

Hi, yes the issue is with macro run report. The regular time takes around 30min but sometimes the robot runs for too long and then its around 3-4 hours and then extract numbers for each section of that file takes longer

the macro needs to be tweaked

have a look how it treats the blank files, blank files sometimes creates this issue.

use the function first to check if the sheet has data and then only proceed with operation. Skip it if the sheet is blank.

Rest, it’ll be better if we have the macro to check

but clearly the problems is not on UiPath side.