Robot runs in "ghost" Edge application instance after launch

Hi, everyone.

I’m working on a process that is running (mostly successfully) in a “ghost” Edge application instance that I cannot see after launch.

Essentially, the robot launches Edge, but due to some constraints with the Use App/Browser activity, we cannot launch directly to the URL we want to go to. We have to launch, which opens up a corporate homepage that uses SSO. The SSO process takes some time, so we wait for that to complete before using a Go To URL activity to take us to the site we want the robot on to work.

The issue is, sometimes the page does not change from the initial homepage, but there is a “ghost” instance running somewhere (in the background?). The robot passes all of our Check App State activities and is able to process cases successfully, all the while we are seeing the same unchanging homepage.

Here is a screenshot of our Launch workflow:

We want to make sure that the page we want is actually visible on screen before the robot starts working. We thought the Check App States would ensure this, but they haven’t. Any ideas of what’s going on here and how we might address it?

Hi @Joe_Matuch

Try performing a small mouse move or so . That might help. At times few sites need a human touch for the states to change.

And also when you say ghost edge is there another instance of edge opening or thw same instance is not changing but the process is moving ahead? If there are two instances then try identifying a element unique to the one that you need or the foreground one generally ypu have an attribute for active/enabled/view state … can try using them


Thanks for the help. Performing a mouse move does indeed help, but this is an unattended automation, so there isn’t anyone around to move the mouse normally. I don’t see any activities that just move the mouse a little.

When I say “ghost” Edge, I mean it looks like the page we are viewing is where the actions are occurring, but they are in the background of the page. It looks like the original homepage, but the elements that are being worked on from the new work page are there but hidden. I’ve never seen this before, and it doesn’t happen most of the time, but it happens often enough that it is an issue.

Hi @Joe_Matuch

There is an activity to move your mouse…you can use mouse hover which will move the mouse the mouse for you


Today, we saw this screen pop up right before this problem occurred:

Anyone ever seen this before?