Robot reading a lot in the execution of the process

How to check why the robot is taking too long to execute a process? It has taken more than 4 hours to execute the client’s process.

In this process, the robot needs to enter a web application and open Excel to perform the validations, but it has taken a long time to do so.

How can I check which part of the process it takes the longest? In order to verify, if this delay is related to the system (network, etc.) or the development of the robot?

Below are the reasons for robot longer execution

  1. Selector issue → Sometimes/some scenarious robot takes long time or stuck, If it didn’t find
    the correct selector.

  2. Check weather Excel file path is valid or not.

  3. Check is there any loop processing excel and loop is infinte state.

  4. Put “Writeline” Activity every where and Check weather you are getting correct output or

  5. Debug the workflow throughly.

Restart evertinhg and try again.

If possible share the screen shot.

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I’ve encountered a lot of troubles with excel in past. Because of that I prefer to use workbooks activities instead of excel app scope.

If your robot is working as unattended then use log message activity. It will show you what robot is currently doing. It will help you find that long time performing period.

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