Robot query

Hi Team,

We used to receive input file at shared location any time between 6 to 9 AM. We have run the BOT for every half hour and check if input files are present or not ? initially at 6 AM if files are not present then it should throw email. Later again BOT will files at 6.30 AM and if files are present then then it will process it and send process end email.

After this, BOT should not throw any email of files not available for further timing i.e. 7 AM, 7.30, 8,8.30,9 AM.

How to deal with such situation and what is the best approach to implement it.


That was a good question @Shirish

May be we have lot of ways to do, but simple and best one is, assign the asset value to true after processing using set asset activity and check if the process is finished or not in the beginning of the workflow so that you can skip the entire process in the starting itself.

Please let me know if you have any queries

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