Robot paused due to Microsoft IRM issue - no error

Word Application Scope is paused when an IRM protected Word document is opened.
A pop-up appears to enter a username. But as robot is paused, the next step -checking if pop-up appears- is not executed.
The robot pauses forever. The job is killed automatically after an hour. But when job starts again, we will face the same issue.
How can I force an error or exception in this case?

In this case wordDoc can be an IRM protected Word document. If so, the robot pauses without an error, and the ‘Write Line’ activity will never be executed.
And thus, an ‘Element Exists’ activity -checking if pop-up appears- will also not work.

How to solve this issue?


Hello @JanAarts

you can try using this step that might worked for you

  1. In your UiPath Studio sequence, add a “Parallel” activity.
  2. In the first branch of the “Parallel” activity, add the “Word Application Scope” to open the IRM protected Word document.
  3. In the second branch of the “Parallel” activity, add a “Delay” activity and set an appropriate duration (example : 3 seconds) to give the Word document enough time to open and trigger the pop-up window.
  4. After the “Delay” activity, add an “Element Exists” activity to check if the pop-up window appears. Set the selector for the username input field in the pop-up window.
  5. Add an “If” activity to perform an action if the “Element Exists” activity returns True (i.e., the pop-up window appears).
  6. In the “Then” block, you can use a “Type Into” activity to enter the username and any other required information, and then close the pop-up window.

picture for references.

Best Regard

Hello @NutchanonSwnl
This will not work, alas.
The second branche will only be active after first branche is executed. But, the first branch will pause the robot. Only after the pop-up is handled manually, the second branche will be activated.
Not really parallel.
I would like to see how the second branch can/will be activated when first branche is paused.

Good Morning @JanAarts

After i see that parallel is not work which is true, i find another way to open irm word without pause

Material : (207.6 KB)

I creating VB Script to open word and after test it by using step into, it not freeze or stuck at open word and can use type into properly
don’t forget to change pathfile in vbscript(Open with notepad or something) and also in workflow too

Please kindly test workflow i provided for you and hope this idea might work for you as well

Best Regard,

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