Robot open one excel xls file, but it open 2 workbook comes out

Hi all, I am facing a very serious issue. In my workflow, I need to get data from 2 excel file. the first step is xls file then next step is xlsx.
After used Excel Application to open xls file, and out put “workbook” variable. The strange thing happened!!! this “workbook” 's worksheets are the xlsx file!!! It driving me crazy!!!
Anybody know how to fix this bug??

Hi @Shao,

Can you share you workflow’s screen shots?


Thank you Bala,

I don’t know how to separate out the workflow.

And the strange thing happened again after many times debug run, the bug had fixed K

So thank you again for asking

Best regards


Hi @Shao,

Depends upon the process you have to split the workflow.
My best advice that you can follow the Reframe wrok structure. It is good one. But it takes time to understand for beginners.