Robot not working on other machine

We are trying to deploy a bot for multiple machines. all of the machines have the same specifications OS,Resolution, Apps to interact with… but the bot sometimes does not work on other machine. for example… It works on machine A and D but not on machine B and C.

What are the things we should consider on a mass deployment? are the specifications mentioned above enough to ensure that it will work on other machine? if not what are the other things we should consider?


@Jasper_Suller - not working - throwing exception/not connecting/robot not appearing or something else?
can you provide more details ?

I have a get full text activity that randomly fails during the execution. this activity was invoked multiple times but somehow it fails for whatever reason. I don’t think the selector is the problem since it was able to successfully get the object at least once during the execution. this only happen on some of the machine where we deployed the bot while the other machines does not have any issue while running.

@Jasper_Suller - maybe this is happening due to page response time vary?
pls try to add element exists activity before performing the action… this will make sure your element is available for action…

Yes we do have element exist… it just suddenly cant find the object whenever we call the same workflow again.

what else do we need to check regarding the machine differences?

if its failing randomly - maybe you can check page response time…

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I have wait for ready- complete ticked also the object I’m trying to capture is always surfaced and has a static content

Hello @Jasper_Suller

Use debug mode and show me the error please…

i dont have access on my machine rn but its an activity timeout which points to my get full text activity


I’m not sure, but i think it must be the selector, check your selector and try to make it dynamic for all computers… Also check language of the computers… So try to make it dynamic…