Robot not showing up in Jobs, works fine form Robot Tray


Robot not showing up in Jobs, works fine form Robot Tray.
was working fine till yesterday,suddenly stopped showing Robots under Execution Target in Job section. works fine from Robot Tray.

Deleted and Recreated the User,Machine,Robot,Environment,Process …Tried almost everything suggested but no luck.

Any help would be appreciated…

Unable to Edit post so posting as reply…

just Figured out when i changed the Robot type to Unattended,it shows up in Jobs section under Execution Target, previously even a Studio Robot used to show up as available under Jobs in Orchestrator… Don’t know what changed…

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Starting with this version, you will no longer be able to start jobs or create triggers from Orchestrator on a Robot of type Studio or StudioX. In order to start processes from Orchestrator, you should use an Unattended Robot. Each Community account has 1 Unattended Robot included.


Orchestrator has updated at yesterday

For more information please refer as below:

Yes I did That and is working now, wasn’t aware of the changes made by UiPath…
Appreciate your help,Thanks a lot

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Hi @Syed_genius

UiPath send message to us at yesterday

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