Robot not recognizing windows in second monitor screen

Hello UiPath community

Shortly about setup, I have laptop which is connected to external monitor via HDMI. Dual monitor setup, laptop screen + external monitor.

I recorded Silverlight elements from Internet Explorer window which was on external monitor screen.
Everything works perfectly, except when I move Internet Explorer window to the laptops own screen and start the robot. It doesn’t find/recognize IE window and Silverlight elements anymore. When I move it back to external monitor and start it again, it works fine.

I wasn’t able to find any Selectors or other options which would state Main/secondary monitor. Anyone have ideas how to make it work without depending on which monitor screen it is on?

Error message pasted at the end of message.


“message”: "Type into ‘editable text’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ",
“level”: “Error”,
“timeStamp”: “11:06:34”,
“fileName”: “Main”,
“jobId”: “8537e85b-26f4-4137-84d8-0be6979c93aa”


See this

Thank you for the link. I tried this out, but still the same problem occurs.
I’m running on Windows 7 Enterprise x64.


You are sure that you have same resolutions and zoom settings between the 2 displays?
If yes i could not give you other tips.

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Hi ,
I am facing to same issue ( I have 2 Monitors + Laptop screen ) :frowning: , have you got it fixed ? , any tips …

Hi @TheBestBirth

Have you tried to set all screen’s zoom level to 100%?

Hi @loginerror
and sorry for my late reply to this, YES , I have changed and now it works perfectly fine . Tnx :slight_smile:

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