Robot not doing anything when it gets to Get Asset Activity

I am new to UiPath, so please forgive me, but I am encountering a strange scenario that I can’t seem to figure out. I am running Studio version 2019.10.3 and have published the code to my test orchestrator. I downloaded the bot version to my VM and ran the bot.
Initially, I received the error: “Error detecting project version”, so I changed the Schema version to 3.2 and the bot kicks off. When it gets to the Get Asset activity it just stops. Nothing happens?

Any ideas?

I have verified the spelling of the asset and that the asset is defined in orchestrator correctly.

Thank you!

HI @Paul_Jason - The bot should not get stuck. Not sure where did you change schema version but to resolve the “Error detecting project version” issue, please follow below steps :

  • Go to project folder
  • delete project.json file
  • Open the main.xaml file and publish.