Robot not connecting to Orchestrator on Community License; Autogen Template Machine getting the License

I’m on the Community License and a newbie to UiPath.
I’m trying out the activity from the RPA Starter Academy course where I’m trying to setup a Machine/Robot and connect it to a process using a Package I published from Studiopro.
It looks like the Community License is getting attached to the Autogen Template Machine that is present in the Modern Folder - I didn’t create it.

I cannot get the License to attach to the Standard Machine and StudioPro Robot I created in the Classic folder. It is showing Unlicensed as seen above.
The Autogen template machine doesn’t have any Robots attached and I cannot figure out how to attach a robot to it.

In the UI path Assistant config settings, I’ve given the Machine key of the standard machine I created and not the autogen Template machine. Shows connected and Licensed here.

When I try to run the process I created, I don’t get a Robot that I can select

I’m not sure what I’m missing and what needs to be done to get everything connected so I get a clean execution of the robot.

<Since I’m a first time user, I’m not able to attach more screenshots of what I’m doing - please let me know if you need more information on how I’ve setup Orchestrator>
Please help.


Hi @JJK82,
Most probably this floating robot has been created automatically when you passed the Assistant Wizard. If you want to work with what is included in academy training (the old path) just remove this robot and perform steps from academy, including the machine and robot creation and manual entering machine key into robot configuration.

Thanks @Pablito. I’ll try it out.

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Hi - I’m having this issue as well, I’m not able to create a new robot and only have this autogen one, which I can’t do anything with, I’ve tried attaching it to an environment, assign processes etc - nothing!
I am not able to delete the autogen robot, either - not sure how to move on from here.

You can try to log off Studio/Assistant (which I am not recommending unless you want to perform something more out of let’s call it “default scope”). Then you should be able to edit this and change autogen for “domain/account” thing.