Robot not Available to run jobs!

Using Community version -
I changed the password for the windows machine where the Robot is configured. I went to the Robot settings in the Orchestrator to update the password. I did not see any option to update the password! So I deleted the Robot and created a new one by giving the windows credentials. When I try to run a job, no Robot is listed to run!
What am I missing? Did anything change?
See the attached screen prints - The Robot says " The machine cannot reserve a slot". and " Connected, Unlicensed"
I have community version with 1 license for unattended

2 Robot and this is the only Robot.

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Hello ,
You have to set your robot into an environment if you want to use it.

I do not see where to link the Robot to the environment? Can you help, please?
By the way why the Robot is saying - " The machine cannot reserve a slot". and " Connected, Unlicensed"

Once you Provide the name to the Environment and click on Create, the next step is assign the Robots to the environment OR you can update the existing robots in the Manage option to the corresponding Environment.

here you set the environment

When you create one then a popup will appear showing the bots that you want to add into the enviroment .

For the problem of the license try removing that bot an adding a new one.

Thanks. But it is there already!

@Lwissitoon @shyammaddi
I reconfigured the machine and the robot again and I could run the job now! I did not do anything new\different though!! It looks like some bug or a glitch. The Robot still show unlicensed!!
I feel there is scope for improvement for the product.
Thanks for your time anyway

I am going to keep the thread open to see if someone has an answer for why the Robot shows “Connected, Unlicensed”

The problem could be on the credentials thats could explain why says the message of the slot and the license.

@Devarajan_Sundaresan - please check the link for managing environments

I tried to replicate your specific scenario but was unable to do so. The closest that I got was disabling the machine from licensing. Which will produce the following symptoms.

  1. UiPath Assistant / Agent Desktop will display “Connected, Unlicensed” / “Cannot acquire licenses because the machine licensing is turned off.”. image

  2. The Robots Overview will display the Robot Square in Orange with a hover message of “The machine runtimes are currently disabled” image

  3. The machine will be crossed out on the Robot’s Management page with the message “License X is disabled on ****” image

I was able to replicate the error by setting the number of Runtimes for a machine to 0, but I couldn’t do it consistently as the UI was preventing me from doing so most of the time “The number of runtimes must be between 1 and 1”, but when it let me that is when I would see

“No License” / “The machine cannot reserve a slot.” / “There are no available licenses on the server.”.


I could however provision 2 Robots as seen in the screenshot when I only had 1 runtime to recreate the error consistently.

To address some of the other pieces

  • A Classic Unattended Robot only needs a matching Machine Name and User to show as “Connected, Licensed”. The password could be wrong and have no environment and will still show as “Available”

  • You change the password for an existing robot by going to the edit screen and updating the password field. (Your second screenshot in the first post)

  • In the UiPath Assistant / Agent Desktop, hover your mouse over the status message for a more detail message. image image image

If this happens again, I would suggest hovering over the status message in the Agent Assistant to see if it reveals any more details to go on or try reaching out to the Cloud Support team and see if they can provide any insight or ask for the documentation to be updated to define what each of the status messages means.

Thanks and I greatly appreciate your effort in trying to replicate. My agent shows the below error.

Even though the agent shows unlicensed, the jobs run fine. I have triggers and they run fine too!!

@codemonkee: I will wait for you to see these and then I will go to the tech support. Thank you again.

I have unattended run time of 1.

I have provisioned only one robot.

The machine has a License - Unattended runtime of 1

I do have the same problem, I created an environment and robot, but when i go to jobs tu run the process, it doesn´t appear any robot in the list to choose.
I did create the robot and the environemnt in the manage menu correctly but it doesn´t work anyway.
I read somewhere it could be problem with the user name it has to be the same as the Robot or something like that, but not clear instructions.
Hope we can find the problem.

The same problem. Robots disappeared from Start Job for: >> EXECUTION TARGET.

Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!!


The issue with my instance is gone… gone by itself after 4 days. Now the agent shows “Connected, Licensed”. When I try to run a job the Robot is available to select.

Looks like some bug or something is changed in the cloud.

I meant to follow-up sooner. I was responding in another thread around the same time, and there was an update to the Cloud ~6 days ago which fixed the other user’s issue that seemed very similar to your own issue.

@Mcaballero50 @Sergey_Petrenko Please refer to the following post for a quick summary of Unattended vs Attended.

If you are still having issues, I would suggest opening up a topic for your issue as it is most likely not the same as this topic.