Robot no longer able to execute Chatbot related processes

As mentioned in the above comments i have changed the robot type to RPA developer from unattended, but this bot is not getting listed when trying connect process. can please guide me on this

This is an expected behaviour for new versions. The the information above is taken from an older docs article (which was accurate at the time, of course).

Currently, only unattended robot types will show up when trying to schedule the process.

Till last week i was able to run my process in community edition. Can you guide/provide some link to understand how can i integrate my RPA developer Pro robot to my process and run it . I’m trying to run a chatbot integrated process which i’m not able to run now.

What is your current version of Studio/Robot and Orchestrator (is it a Cloud Orchestrator at

Using CE Studio Pro 2020.10.2 and yes using Cloud Orchesatrator at

Orchestrator Configuration shows connected, but in uipath assistant shows robot doesn’t exist. Robot status shows disconnected for both unattended and RPA developer pro type bots. Due to which Chat bot process is failing from today morning…was able to run last week(using unattended robot)