Robot name not included on queue export

I have 6 floating unattended robots on 20.4.3 each working a queue item within the same queue.
In orchestrator web app, when viewing the queue I can see which robot has worked which item

However, when I click ‘export’ to download a csv file of the items (to later be used in a power query), this column is blank:

If anyone could advise the reason for this that would be appreciated.



I didn’t know this but it’s the same for me as well. The Robot column turns up blank in the CSV. Please tag this post as Feedback and bug reports #user-voice

“Highly illogical” :vulcan_salute:t4:

Hey thanks for checking and confirming. Have updated the tags

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Voted :+1:

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Thanks, our team will have a look and consider it for the future.

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Yes please.