Robot logs on to user when logged out

is there a way to active the robot on say my phone that could log onto my desktop if logged out

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You can use Unattended BOT and it will login to system and perform actions. To trigger Unattended BOT we need Orchestrator also.

You can use unattended robot and connect orchestrator via mobile app

Thank you. It kind of works, when i active the robot the screen gets a response but it doesnt actully type my password in my field for some reason

It does an auto-login, it won’t type the password but login automatically when its in process!!!

Which settings do i need to change here to make that possible?

Not sure, if this is happening because of your licence or the cloud you using…
I assume you are currently using the community edition…

yes i am using the community edition. would that be a reason i cannot use this function?