Robot license

can anyone tell me about the code parameter.i dont’t know what does it represent and where it come

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It’s for batch and/or easy installation/activation without the GUI. License codes are then provided by UiPath. You probably don’t need it so you can use simple installation with the installer.
Other parameters can also be used:

And you normally use this portal for activation code:

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oh ,thank you ,do you know the limitation about robot.such as time limit like studio(3 month trial period),if i only install robot.

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You dan freely download the Community Edition (CE) of the software. It has all the (basic) functionality and is supported with updates. It has a trial period, but you can renew after it is over. However, as it is free, you don’t get business support on it. The Orchestrator is also only for training and evaluation.

I recommend reading and

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i put open_and_type_editplus.1.0.6617.24011.nupkg (6.0 KB) in _C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages_in another computer which only installed robot,but it can’t work,error like this:

but it will work if i connect robot with orchestrator

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‘Permission missing: Launcher’ error is received in the following scenario:

  1. robot is connected to orchestrator with user “abc”
  2. on the robot machine you try to start robot (from tray or studio) with user “admin”

To avoid licensing problems just use deactivate from regutil and reconnect to orchestrator. Here are more details:

Note: Keep in mind that SVC restart is required !


  • Without Orchestrator one user can access Studio from one machine only.
  • With Orchestrator licensing same user can access Studio from multiple machines.
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C:\Users\liuj>“C:\Program Files\UiPath Platform\UiPath\Regutil.exe” get-info
Error reading license code: -1094, error description: NSL not licensed
License status: -1
Device id: rr8HQCEqTzRwGBH+3OvZ
Error reading license expire date: -6003, error description: Lookup of tag failed
Maintenance expire date: not set
Error reading user defined value Attended: -1096, error description: NSL feature name not found
Error reading user defined value Unattended: -1096, error description: NSL feature name not found
Error reading user defined value Free: -1096, error description: NSL feature name not found

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  • It seems that the machine was not able to connect to our licensing system NSL. This usually happens when there are firewall restrictions that block the licensing provider.
  • make sure you have admin right .

please have look into this post.

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