Robot License Type and Connectivity With Orchestrator

Hi all, i have a question
I just purchased 2 licenses Attended - Name User and 1 license Orchestrator. Now, i realize i have purchased wrong license type (Concurrent User instead of Name user) because i want robot Attended connect to Orchestrator and use Queue.So, Can Attended Robot - Name user connect to Orchestrator and use Queue?
Thank in advanced

Hello @SonVu

The license type doesn’t mean that it is limited to use only a certain about of features. For any license type, the capabilities of the robot are the same. So whether its concurrent, or named user license, it can connect to the Orchestrator and use the queues as needed…

The difference between the Concurrent and the named user is:
Concurrent license allow multiple users to use the same license at different shifts. say you and me are working on the same machine on a shift basis. You work in the morning and I work at night. In such cases, we can use concurrent user because we both will not be working at the same time, and can share the single license.

Named user license on the other hand will be given under a particular name of a user. Multiple people cannot work on that license.

The accessibility to orchestrator and the capabilities are same between the two…

Just a note: As a effort on standardizing the questions, please provide a better title going forward similar to what I have changed here… :slight_smile:


Thank you so much