Robot license certificate validation error

Hi All,

We are facing issue while connecting the Robot to orchestrator for license.


Note: Robot and Orchestrator are in different domain. We haven’t faced any issues for same domain.

Can anyone help for some workaround that we can do for connecting the robot to orchestrator which are in different domains.

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Have you installed that certificate in new machine or not ?

And also please check below thread and follow the steps to resolve this issue.

Remote Certificate Is Invalid - UiPath

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Thanks for quick response. I have tried those procedures to install domain certificate in robot machine. Still we are facing issues.

Is there anything we need to follow different procedure for connecting robot to Orchestrator which are in different domains.

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Till now i didn’t try in other domains as we can access our orchestrator within the same domain only.

You can contact Uipath support team and they will help you better in this i guess.

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Could you look into the post

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Hi @lukas_krishnan

Kindly check the post below:

Thanks! :slight_smile: