Robot Key Gets Logs After Restart Of Machine (Non-Persistent VDI)

Why does the Robot key get cleared in the Robot tray after system restart/sign off?

The Robot key is saved in the UiPath.settings file as a storage and is referred from the same point during any service/system restart. In case of non-persistent VDI's, based on the level of persistence set, if the UiPath.settings file is removed/reset, the Robot key and it's related settings could get missed. Thus resulting in the Robot missing the values and getting disconnected.

The file is present in the %programdata%\UiPath folder. The best way to validate the same is to connect the Robot to Orchestrator, open and validate if the UiPath.settings file has the respective values and take a backup of the same. Then, perform a system restart and validate if the file is getting cleared or if he folder itself is getting removed. In either case, if the file is modified, this can be used as confirmation that the same location is a non-persistent one.


  • Configure the %programdata%\UiPath to act as a persistent location, so that the data saved in the same does not get lost on every restart.
  • The local system admin team should be able to help with the necessary configuration on the same.