Robot is unavailable

UiPath Robot shows “Robot unavailable” even though the Orchestrator shows that a robot is available. I am using a trial version of each product.


If you are using Enterprise Edition then go to Services and see whether UiPath robot service is running or not ? If not running then restart the service.

The UiPath Service is running.

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Hi @drmai

Can i see few screenshots

  1. Screenshot of your local robot settings page
  2. Screenshot of your robots page in the Orchestrator



Is the username is correct or not.

open CMD prompt and then type command whoami to check correct username and domain name. And then same enter here in robots page.

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That corrected my problem. Thanks.

Question: Can I use one Orchestrator to to create robots for multiple developers, with each robot using a particular developer’s credentials or do I have to install the Orchestrator on each developers workstation?

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We have to install orchestrator in one machine only. And web version of Orchestrator also available. We can monitor and schedule all robots from this. We can use same or different credentials for different robots. Just we have to specify this:

  • Single Value - can be accessed and used by all Robots (defined on the Single Value tab)
  • Value Per Robot - can be accessed only by an indicated Robot (defined on the Value Per Robot tab)


I do not see where I can use an asset when creating a robot so I am assuming that this can only be used in a process.

What type of rights does the username assigned to the robot need?

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