Robot is in running state forever in enterprise edition

a simple process which open outlook and read email is getting stuck while running from orchestrator sometimes. We need to manually kill the job or else it will cause other jobs to go in pending state. The machine on which robot is running also gets stuck and shows black screen until reboot. How to avoid this?

Hi @Aditya369 can you share the workflow? This definitly not standard behavior.

Actually now workflow is not available. I can assure you, that it is simple outlook activity to read mails and display count of unread emails. This job is scheduled every 5 mins. Most of the time job gets succeeded but sometimes the job gets into running state, when i check the log , nothing is started.

If you see running on orchestrator, the agent is activated in the machine. can you check the CPU and memory usage on the robot machine? It might be a outlook problem, since you are opening outlook process every 5 minutes.