Robot is becoming unresposnive after some time in community version

Robot is becoming unresposnive after some time in community version and all the processes are getting into pending state.

Please give some resolution.

Hi @anussark,
Do you use the beta channel maybe?

Hi Pablito,

Are you asking about studio beta version?

Yes, this thing:

No Pablito,
I am using studio 2019.8.0 update channel Stable.

Any other way of fixing the unresponsive problem?

Please try to reinstall Studio based on this instruction:

Hi Pablito,

I will try the solution and get back to you.

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The problem is happening over again.If the robot is unresponsive we are not able to terminate the process from orchestrator and the other scheduled processes are going in pending state.

Please help.

Is it possible that somehow your workflow is being handled by more that one robot/machine at the same time. These posts are talking about similar issue with “pending state”, maybe this is the case:

Hi Pablito,

No I have only one robot running in one machine.Is there any other work around.

Please help…

Hi @anussark

Could you maybe provide a screenshot of your Studio version?

Typically this issue should be solved by reinstalling from the newest 2019.9.2 installer available via our Cloud Platform at

I did that too but whenever there is an update the issue reoccurs. And the problem is not with studio,it is with uipath robot,studio is working normally but the robot is getting unresponsive everytime.

This can be related to this:

In such case, please follow the suggestion in the topic or simply restart your machine after the update.
It should fix the issue in most cases without the need to reinstall.

Still getting the same problem. Please help