Robot is available, but not showing in Orchestrator when trying to run a Job

I am trying to run a job in Orchestrator. But it is not showing up under ROBOT. I tried to refresh but nothing is appears.


@cscrpa002 - pls change the Robot Type as ‘Unattended’ and try (also input robot user password in the password textbox). Robot will appear in the start job window.

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hi @cscrpa002
inorder to run the job , you need to have “Unattended robot”
here as follows
1.Create Unattended Robot as follows

2.Create Environment and add relevent unattended robot to it

3. Create the relevant process and add the relevant environment to it

4.Now create the job select your process and will show you those available bots


Getting the attached issue as per your suggestions. Is it because we are using Platform Orchestrator /

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In my case, i have two Bots both are unattended, why one is showing licensed and other is unlicensed?

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Check your no of attended bots your have
And also check your machine name and created machine name is same

In the picture both appear as Attended and not Unattended. These you can start from tray only.


Yeah Apologize, Typo.Both are attended.
why one is showing licensed and other is unlicensed?

@cscrpa002 - pls change one robot type as Unattended and verify in start job window. robot will available to select

i am also facing the same issue how do I resolved this ?