Robot Installation type

Hi All,
i want to ask please , as you know when i want to install robot, wizard give me three options(unattended, attended and automation developer) if i have just one license can i choose automation developer because it will download the studio with robot and after finish development convert it to unattended type. or use community license for development and when go prod install unattended type.

what do you suggest please help.

appreciate you support.


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You can install the studio and install robot in service mode

But I dont think you need liek thsi…as unattended ideally would be runnin gon some other machine i beleive…if so install automation developer and then when going to production install bot in servixe mode or unattended mode


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Hi @takyysh

if you have just one license, it is recommended to use the Automation Developer option during installation for development purposes. Once your automation is ready for production, you will need a separate Unattended Robot license to execute it in a production environment. If you have access to the UiPath Community Edition, you can use it for development and then acquire a separate Unattended Robot license for production use.


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hi @takyysh
If you have enterprise licenses, First of all, we recommended that use your development and production though it , Using community and publishing enterprise prod might be some differentiation and some few effort might be required when publishing.

First, check what the license you have (Studio / Robot - Attended /Unattended )
once you install the robot , no matter the studio will be installed too that you can troubleshoot

Suggested that use separate machine / server for Development and Production robot