Robot goes brain dead, unexplained reason



So this has happened a couple of times to me. I’ll be working through a complex workflow and I’ll be perhaps 30 or 40 steps in. The testing has gone over the first 20 steps dozens of time and they worked perfectly. Suddenly the bot stops finding targets that it has found repeatedly. In order to fix it I have to go in and redo the “indicate on screen”. Typically it’s a whole series. This particular time it is a Remote Desktop login (citrix like) where the username and password have been found over and over and now not at all. I can’t see anything that’s changed to make it not “get it”. I wish I could be more specific but if I could I’d probably be able to figure it out. Any advice on what to look for would be greatly appreciated.


@billpennock I am assuming this because of Global Variables and array variables. When you have loop your work flow several times… First Iteration you got some large string values in a Global variable, then in the second iteration same variable will store another set of data… during this it use large buffer memory in the temporary folder of the machine.
if you clear these variables at the end of each cycle then each iteration your variables will clear buffer memory and execution will not face such issues. Please try to make all variables = null at the end. hope that works for smooth execution.


Thank you. I’ll give that a try, it certainly makes sense