Robot getting stuck on Unexpected PDF warning


sometime Robot is facing PDF warning while executing on SAP window, due to warning robot getting stuck without error. Please give me some suggestions on this.

can we set any alarm when robot is stuck from Last 1 or 2 hours?

PFA attachment (Warning message) Unexpected%20Warning

Is there any suggestions…? please let me know

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This looks like a adobe reader issue buddy
Did we try uninstalling the application and install with a new version of adobe and try once
Cheers @A669070

okay, Thanks for response. Can we set any alarm or email notification in such situations?

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this is a general UiPath issue. When any application gives an “stopped working” pop up robots get stuck in running mode. i am also trying to figure it out, as I would expect the activity times out abyway, but it doesn’t:(

Did you find a solution eventually?