Robot freezes indefinitely until connection via RDP

I am running an unattended robot in a windows 10 virtual client (build 20H2). The bot is working in SAP and goes unresponsive on a specific step but at random times. What I mean is, it always freezes at the same step but it does not freeze every time that step is run. Sometimes it continues without issue, other times it is unresponsive. The Orchestrator logs stop collecting during this time. Event viewer still logs UiPath as operating but is inconclusive.

The only clues I have:

  1. The only way to wake this robot up and continue work is to connect to the VM via RDP. It will immediately resume working. I don’t need to do anything else but connect.
  2. The bot must be doing something because our SAP environment will timeout if there is no activity by the user within 15 minutes. This unresponsive state of the bot can last all weekend if no one is around to wake it up.

What I have checked:

  • Hardware requirements are correct
  • SAP logs show SAP is not the issue
  • Event Viewer does not have a consistent failure during these freezing periods

This issue is really ruining the process efficiency as it cannot really run overnight if it freezes a few minutes after I leave for the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @jason.luther

As you have mentioned it gets freeze at one particular step, can you tell at which step it is getting stuck?

Can you share a screenshot here.

EDIT: I have also tried manually setting the resolution in Orchestrator. This also did not work.

In the Orchestrator logs it always freezes at this step in the image. You can see the time jump from 6:23 to 8:17 UTC

Hello, Did you find the solution? I have the same issue it always freeze after 15mins. the robot runs on a VM machine, when I log in It continues. the problem never appeared when I’m present running it manually through Uipath assistant on same user/machine.

Check if the Robot is installed in Service Mode (Unattended robot). Installing the Robot

Did you find a solution? I have the same issue.