Robot freezes at 'Use Application Path'

Hi there!

I’m having issues with creating a robot to automate the running of a macro within Excel.
The automation would involve running the macro, then locating a file within the Excel sheet document browse.

I can get up to the first point of locating the Windows document browse window, and then nothing happens. The bot just continuously runs without doing anything.

The strange thing is, I can run the process manually e.g. “From this Activity” without any issues.

Any help / suggestions will be appreciated.


The workflow is as follows:

Hi @FPeterkin

Could you please provide a screenshot of the “Excel sheet document browse”?

Also, quick things first:

  • could you make sure that your activity packages are on the latest versions
  • same for StudioX

Lastly, a small fresh, dummy project that reproduces this issue would be invaluable :slight_smile: