Robot freezes add random activities when i use terminal session for AS400

I am using UiPath.Terminal.Activities but am facing the issue of my robot freezing at random activities before i use the terminal session activity. The robot will get stuck at different activities based on the log and will hang for several hours until a user manually stops it from the robot tray.

There isn’t a logic error as the robot runs without fail in the UAT environment.
I am using 2019.4.4 enterprise version and have tried 2019.4.3 but to no avail.
My connection string is as follows:

Does anyone know how to go about resolving this issue?

Hello @Gluon

May I also know in the places the robo hangs, what sort of activities are those? does those activities involve with lot of data reading or writing?


The robot may hang within different log messages activity through the program.
Those activities do not require a lot of data reading or writing and the robot memory is not at maximum. When i comment out the terminal session activity, the robot works fine. I thinking that it might be a terminal emulator compatibility issue. I am using UiPath Internal for the terminal session.