Robot fails if started via windows 11 RDC

Ladies and Gentlemen

we have developed a robot for a process for our customer.

The following scenario:

If we (developers from the home office with Windows 10) connect to the production system and start the process, it runs perfectly.

When an employee at our customer’s home office connects to the production system with her Windows 11 laptop, sporadic errors occur on different interfaces.

Unfortunately we don’t know what to do, because all selectors work perfectly and we can’t reproduce the problem ourselves.


It seems there is no issue for connecting with 10 / 11 system
Maybe the resolution are getting change?
you can take a check on the job logs if the process is using Latest Re-Framework

If that is so then you can always set your default resolution settings

Hope this may help you


Thanks for reply.

We set the resolution to 1920x1080 and it doesnt change.

We are looking into it with the help of UiPath on monday 22.05.2023 and i will share some information here if there is good news


I got this Mail after debugging with an UiPath Employee :slight_smile:

Hello Ali,

Thank you for your time today.

Please find below a summary of our conversation:

-The purpose of this automation is that your customer wants to change electricity company
-This is done b starting an UiPath App
-You are automating a Java app called Wilken
-This app has some modules that are used for this scenario, enrum.exe and enkis.exe
-Randomly the automation stops with the error: No open windows found for enrum.exe or enkis.exe
-This automation runs 20 - 40 time a week and one third are failing with this error
-1 user and 1 machine are affected
-Being an attended automation, you can confirm that the windows are visible and no pop-up is interfering
-The issue occurs on prod and on test environment
-Following error handlers are already in place:
  -Long time out of 30 sec.
  -REFramework that starts the this process three times
  -Retry Scope
  -Resolution is checked and ensured to be always full HD

We have agreed to the below action plan:

-Start the robot from the Assistant and check if the issue still persists
-We will discuss this topic internally and come back to you.