Robot Failing to Find Selectors on RDP

I currently have a workflow that is running on the cloud orchestrator daily to process invoices on a virtual monitor using RDP. Currently, the process only works when I am logged on to the RDP and the robot then has no problem running when it is scheduled in Orchestrator. The issue is when I am not logged on the RDP the robot is able to complete the first step, which is load up workday on Chrome, but from there it is unable to log in or complete any tasks on Workday. The reason is because it cannot find the selectors on the page that wait for workday to load even though it is clearly fully loaded when I open the RDP up after it fails and when I take a look at the screenshots it captures before it errors.

Is there a way to set up the workflow so that I don’t need to have the RDP open when the bot is running for it to keep working? I’ve tried looking into this for a few weeks now and haven’t found anything useful to overcome this issue.