Robot failing as it's looking for an old version of the process

I have a process currently in testing. The latest version number is 1.2.4 and I have confirmed that the Orchestrator is using this version. Whenever I attempt to run the process from the Orchestrator I get the following error message:

“Could not find file ‘C:\Users\USERNAME.nuget\packages\PROCESS_NAME\1.0.7159.29401\PROCESS_NAME.1.0.7159.29401.nupkg’.”

The version it is looking for is the very first version of this process that was published. Is there a reason why it would want to look for this original process? How can I resolve this issue as we no longer have a copy of this .nupkg.

Thanks in advance

Have you updated the package in Processes tab?

Hi Ashley, yes the process has been updated in the packages tab to version 1.2.4.