Robot failed to work with Citrix Application when the VM is not connected


I encounter a problem when running my script onto a virtual machine (Windows 10).

When I’m connected to the VM the script is working well. But when I’m disconnected from the VM, the script failed at the first Citrix window.

Concretely, the script start a Chrome browser, navigate to my company website for citrix application and start a financial application. After that Chrome is closed and the rest of the job is done in the Citrix window.
All the part with Chrome work correctly, the login window from the Citrix application is displayed but the robot is unable to “view” it and failed with a Timeout error.

Here is the commandline used to start the robot :

“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe” -process “Script_Name” -input “{‘in_ProcessDate’:‘2019-03-31’,‘in_FromAddress’:‘’}”

Is Citrix application not rendered on screen when no-one is connected to the VM ?
Is-there something I can do to fix this issue ?


Buddy @Trracer
Try to maximize the window of citrix buddy using Maximize window activity once after the activity with which you enter the VM buddy, it must be due to the fact that element might not be visible…
and make sure that no one logs in to the citrix application at the time when bot runs,

Try this and let know buddy @Trracer

Hello @Palaniyappan,

The window cannot be set to fullscreen at this step. It’s a login window, so only “close” action is available on the window itself.
No one except me use this VM.

I’m using the following selector to catch the window :

<wnd app='wfica32.exe' cls='Transparent Windows Client' title='User Identification*' />

Is Windows don’t create GUI when running without connected user ?

I found the problem. Not related to Citrix but due to Windows/VDI way of working.
If the user disconnect from the VDI the session is automatically locked. When the computer is locked Windows don’t render the GUI…

A workaround is to avoid the locking of the system and to let a session connected to the VDI instead of simply disconnect.

Here is the batch file to use the tscon.exe utility to do the job :

for /f "skip=1 tokens=3" %%s in ('query user %USERNAME%') do (
  %windir%\System32\tscon.exe %%s /dest:console
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Thats great buddy
Cheers @Trracer

Hi @Trracer How do you set up this utility? Where do I put this. Please help me, I having a problem when I close the VM that I opened using Remote DC.