Robot Failed To Download The Libraries From Orchestrator

Resolution for UiPath Assistant process installation issue where Robot fails to download libraries from Orchestrator.

Error Description: When the Robot tries to download the Library from the Orchestrator and it is failed due to issue "Package is not found #1677".


Validation steps for Login to Orchestrator > Move to package and try to manually download the Libraries and it will give a Package not found error!

To find the web. config file:

  1. Access and edit the web. config file. Even though there are several methods to reach that file, the most reliable one is via the Kudu console > CMD > site > wwwroot > Web.config:

  1. Check the location and check Storage keys and find the package location and find the Libraries.

  1. Check the below keys is present in the web.config file

  1. If the above is the default Location then NuGet folder checks the orchestrator HOST folder and observe the Libraries are missing

Resolution: Use below commands

  • Update [dbo].[PackageDefinitions] set IsDeleted=1 where id in ( select id from [dbo].[PackageDefinitions] where tenantid is null )
  • Upload all those dependencies i.e. libraries to Orchestrator from the host tenant which are missing

Tenant ID is null because if the libraries are uploaded at the host level it will always come as null.

Note: If IsDeleted is not set to 1, it will not be allowed to duplicate Library packages as Libraries are deleted physically from the folder but DB entries are still present.


For newer Orchestrator versions, the Storage keys will be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config



The libraries are stored in the Libraries folder in the Orchestrator machine at these locations:


Check the Tenant Key by running the below query,

  • SELECT * FROM [uipath].[dbo].[Tenants]