Robot error results when insert lines in payment Journal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015(on premise)

I have a robot that read an excel file and insert lines in Microsoft Navision under a particular payment journal. First 20 lines are inserted without problems.
First problem: when robot tries to insert line 21 - Navision send a Fatal error (index not supported) and stop immediately (and also the robot because will not find the next UI ellement).
I managed to overpass this error - sending a CTRL+End before trying to insert the line into the Journal. If a CTRL+End is sent, suddenly Navision understand that line 21 is supported and continue to insert lines without problems until line 40.
Second problem: when reaches line 41: CTRL+End is working fine (the cursor jump at line 40) but when start to type, instead line 41 will type on line 21. And will overwrite lines from 21 to 40.
Need to mention: I investigated the lines 0-20 and lines 21-40 and UIpath does not see any difference in the selector - One page - many lines. Also, I put a message log and Uipath think that writes lines 41-60 but in fact, in Navision, lines 21-40 are overwrite.
Do you have any clues?
Thank you

And the code:

backpup_extrase.xaml (182.4 KB)

I somehow solve it: Instead CTRL+End I made a loop that pres down arrow until reaches the proper line.
It takes an “eternity” but it seems that in this way Navision is able to understand the command sent by Uipath robot.