Robot error in picking the record

In my process i am using orchestrator and sqldb .so i am having a 10 record in my db robot is able to pick 9 records but leaving the one with error like unable to login to application and anybody can tell me why is it not able to pick the one record?


Is there any difference in the way we fetch first 9 and last one like conditions or parameters

And where we able to fetch that last one in EB server directly when searching manually

Cheers @Shilpa_Sahu


It’s difficult to say with this limited information
Better you share few more details and some screenshots
So that It’s easy to understand


no its same only. but for the 9 record it is working fine but 1 it is not working

May I know What activity you are using


Use For Each row activity
If you are using while then the index starts from 0
so you need to make sure that